A mindfulness-based program to awaken creative genius and inspire a culture of engagement and excellence.

Industry leaders including Google, Ford, Nike, and United Health Group have all discovered the power of mindfulness in the workplace. What once was seen as a fringe practice is now valued as a gateway to a more productive, engaged, and happy workforce.

The Awake at Work program is based on scientifically backed principles of mindfulness and neuroscience. Although seemingly simple, mindfulness has the power to transform the way employees do their individual jobs, collaborate with one other, and contribute to an organization's bottom line.

I used to be very risk-adverse, and as a principal engineer I need to take more risks with putting my ideas out. With this class I have been taking bigger risks with a surprisingly high amount of ease and success. Past Participant, Santa Clara, CA

Awake at Work specifically addresses traditional areas of difficulty and possibility—motivation, communication, focus—and provides participants with a path to accessing untapped sources of innovation, energy, collaboration, and their own innate creative genius.

Not Every Company is the Same

With this in mind, Awake at Work was designed to address a range of company structures and cultures. Whether your organization is lacking in drive and passion—or employees are burning out due to overwork and overwhelm—Awake at Work offers a host of unique, tested strategies to help with these common issues.

I find that I am more open to new ideas and to the subtleties that go on around me . . . the way that the seemingly insignificant events that occur fit together into greater opportunities and relationships. It has also served to remind me to push through those challenges that bring some measure of discomfort, for within those are contained the greatest gifts/lessons to me. Past Participant, Santa Clara, CA

Previously, this type of program was only possible for small subsets of companies—or those with unlimited training budgets. The Awake at Work on-line program enables your organization to receive cutting-edge mindfulness training for employee at all levels—at a fraction of the cost of in-person trainings.

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